R1M Jizz on your Desktop

Hey guys, sorry for the delay in doing these. There are more coming but this one should get you going. Its at 2560×1440 resolution and i may come back to this and re-work a little. Peace and love, BvG. (dont fucking steal it and remove the watermark! 😉

dont f*cking steal it.

dont f*cking steal it.

Jack Millers KTM Moto 3 Bike

Although the power is not up there on this 250 – i’m still adding it as a Jizz Machine. Why? Well rarity in opportunity for one thing – its not everyday you get to jump on a championship contenting bike from the Moto GP paddock.

You can read the full article here: http://44teeth.com/riding-jack-millers-factory-moto3-ktm/

For now im just going to add some pics and pay my respects to this punchy little fella.

Jack Miller's KTM Moto3

Jack Miller’s KTM Moto3

_MI_rear bvgmoto3thumb

KTM 1290 Super Duke R

As you may be aware, i was fortunate enough to win this bike after taking part in a KTM competition over the summer to “win the Beast’. So, to celebrate the win i took it straight down to Almeria for a spanking and to make a video saying wow, thanks, Jizz etc. However – the Gods decided to encourage a front end loss of traction and guide me swiftly into the gravel trap (rock trap in Almeria..).

So after a hefty bill and a lot of work, the winter re-build is complete (nearly, your bike is never complete 😉

You can read more about this bike over on www.44teeth.com but for now – here are some Dark mood pics of the Beast on a Full Moon. Enjoy


ktm mist




Ducati 899 Jizz Machine in BSB

This is Alistair Fagans Ducati 899 ready to go out and sporting the Ltd. Ed Gold Jizz Machine sticky. As a previous owner of a standard 899 – i can indeed confirm that both that, and this race spec bike are indeed, certified Jizz Machines.

Good Luck in Assen today Al!


Alastair Fagans Ducati 899 BSB bike




Round 09 - eni MOTORRAD GRAND PRIX DEUTSCHLAND - SACHSENRING 11-12-13 July 2014  op8-590x330


Here it is. The HP Sauce.

When the original s1k was launched back in 2010 – it didnt just beat the competition, it smashed their back doors in… with no lube.

in 2012 an update came along which refined the bike further – i had the Smurf Blue flavour and regret selling it tbh.

and THEN the HP4 wondered into our lives.

I recently had the pleasure of riding this bike around Portimao on the Fast Bikes Sports Bike of the Year feature and i can honestly say, its the best bike i’ve ever ridden. When you ride a bunch of bikes back to back positives and negatives become far easier to spot and the only machine which came close for me was the Aprillia RSV4 – and it was VERY close to be fair.

On track this thing is a missile. So fast, so easy to ride – flattering and smooth with a warm comfort blanket of electronics keeping you safe from harm. Everything about this bike is easy – even the fact you dont have to sod around with screw drivers to set up the suspension for the circuit – it does it all for you.

For some, this is probably a negative as they want an animal on circuit to try to tame – and fair enough, the 1199 is certainly a more rewarding bike to get right – but unless you are Foggy – you will be faster on Bavarian, cock eyed Beast. Factiod.

But the reason the HP4 was my number 1 choice was that OFF the track, you can ride this thing 1000 miles in a day, pop down the shops, get 130 miles out of a tank, pop your mistress on the back, strap luggage to it, no need to change suspension settings for the road – just go. And being the lazy type, i hate having to faff – i just want to get on  – and ride.

HP4 = Certified Jizz Machine.




My Personal Jizz Machine

The Carbon Kevlar CBR1000rr.

I’ve owned this bike from new in 2011 – Originally it was a Repsol blade, but a little incident at 140mph saw the end of that.

So the rebuild began – its a continuos evolution and im sure will never end.

CBR KevlarParts List:

Carbon Fibre BST Wheels

Carbon Kevlar Race fairings

Carbon huggers, frame covers etc.

Ohlins TTX

Full Titanium Ackrapovic System

HM Quickshifter GP

HM Dash

Brembo M4’s

Brembo M/C

Brembo Serie Oro discs

Titanium bolts

PCV with Autotune

Samco Hoses

Gilles Rear Sets

Hel Lines

R&G crash Protection

GB Racing case covers

HRC Quick Action Throttle

AND…. the side stand is still on it 😉


Anyway, for now – this is the first bike on this blog. Enjoy.