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The accidental Jizz story

Jizz machine was an accident. But accidents do happen when it comes to Jizz. One day a well known YouTuber and Jizz fan Baron Von Grumble was quoted in a video saying “OMG this really is a Jizz Machine.” For a reason unknown to mere mortals this struck a cord with petrol head all over the world and Jizz very quickly became the most mentioned work in cars and motorcycle meets and forums across the world. Next for fun we released a limited number fo stickers and to our surprise they sold out in minutes and all over the world too. Suddenly we had managed to Jizz all over more fine machinery than we had ever imagined and from there is has continued. Today we have jizzed over more fine bodies that a 80 year old porn star.

As total petrol heads we hope you love your Jizz machine Stickers and Merch as much a we do. We make everything to the highest quality and we love seeing out stickers adorn your beautiful machines. Tag your Jizz  on our social channels so we can share your Jizz. 

Team Jizz.

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