Here it is. The HP Sauce.

When the original s1k was launched back in 2010 – it didnt just beat the competition, it smashed their back doors in… with no lube.

in 2012 an update came along which refined the bike further – i had the Smurf Blue flavour and regret selling it tbh.

and THEN the HP4 wondered into our lives.

I recently had the pleasure of riding this bike around Portimao on the Fast Bikes Sports Bike of the Year feature and i can honestly say, its the best bike i’ve ever ridden. When you ride a bunch of bikes back to back positives and negatives become far easier to spot and the only machine which came close for me was the Aprillia RSV4 – and it was VERY close to be fair.

On track this thing is a missile. So fast, so easy to ride – flattering and smooth with a warm comfort blanket of electronics keeping you safe from harm. Everything about this bike is easy – even the fact you dont have to sod around with screw drivers to set up the suspension for the circuit – it does it all for you.

For some, this is probably a negative as they want an animal on circuit to try to tame – and fair enough, the 1199 is certainly a more rewarding bike to get right – but unless you are Foggy – you will be faster on Bavarian, cock eyed Beast. Factiod.

But the reason the HP4 was my number 1 choice was that OFF the track, you can ride this thing 1000 miles in a day, pop down the shops, get 130 miles out of a tank, pop your mistress on the back, strap luggage to it, no need to change suspension settings for the road – just go. And being the lazy type, i hate having to faff – i just want to get on  – and ride.

HP4 = Certified Jizz Machine.




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